A remote and you can supposedly backwards outlying town otherwise district

It’s among the many fictional names Australians used to send to a normal put in the newest outback, as well as Oodnagalahbi, Bullamakanka, and Bandywallop. Just as in Woop Woop, they allude to help you remoteness, a lack of elegance, otherwise each other. Woop Woop is good jocular creation which is most likely influenced by using reduplication for the Aboriginal languages to suggest plurality or intensity. Numerous actual Australian placenames, for example Wagga Wagga, is types of reduplication. The first evidence to possess Woop Woop happens in the brand new 1890s.

1940 Rip (Vent Phillip) 29 October: Easily look at the moving with the Thursday, I shall need to stroll out of Woop-Woop.

1993 Roentgen. Fitzgerald 11 Deadly Sins: It is preferable to mention so you can an individual’s opponent because the ‘the latest honourable affiliate to have Woopwoop’ instead of since ‘one to idiot scumbag’.

Somebody who was publicly censorious away from other people additionally the delights it search; a person whose very own conduct try puritanical otherwise prudish; an effective killjoy. Wowser, still most recent in Australian incorporate, are submitted out-of 1900. Its provider try uncertain. It can be out of British dialect wow ‘so you’re able to howl or bark while the a dog; to help you wail’ and you may ‘so you’re able to grumble; to whine, generate complaint’, but it’s maybe a good coinage out-of John Norton, who had been the fresh new editor of your own Questionnaire magazine Knowledge regarding 1891–1916. The https://kissbrides.com/american-women/san-antonio-fl/ guy advertised to have created it, claiming ‘I first provided they social utterance on [Sydney] Urban area Council, when i used it to Alderman Waterhouse, who We described as . the new white, woolly, exhausted, watery, word-throwing away wowser out of Waverley’. Certainly the earliest research to own wowser is located in Facts. Wowser are a productive label who may have provided rise to conditions such as for instance wowserish, wowserdom, and you can wowserism – all of these have use now.

1906 Truth (Sydney) twenty-five February: A beneficial wowser usually do not walk through the fresh new Museum without having to be astonished by seeing the image of a few better-proportioned deity.

1989 Sunlight (Melbourne) 14 March: There are lots of wowsers which faith Dr Ruth is be censored and you may people talk out of sex confined strictly with the bedroom.

To possess a young conversation of your reputation of wowser understand the blog post ‘Wow to own Wowser!’ (web page 7) within Ozwords publication out-of Will get 1997.


Used to designate means of Aboriginal paint that originated from Western Arnhem Land (Northern Territory). The style are characterised by depiction out-of internal also because the exterior organs of the topic, as if the fresh artist was enjoying they that have X-ray eyes. The original proof the definition of is found in early 1940s.

1978 R. Edwards Aboriginal Art around australia: New well-known X-ray images keeps their home on west. Included, this new artist depicts not simply the brand new additional top features of the pet, people or soul being he’s paint, but in addition the spine, heart, lung area and other internal organs. It’s a traditional way of appearing that there’s significantly more in order to a full time income material than external appearances.


Any one of multiple freshwater crayfish valued as food, particularly the popular variety Cherax destructor that is indigenous to south-east Australian continent. Angling to possess yabbies can be a favourite youth thoughts to own Australians which lived close good dam or creek. An article of string decreased to the h2o, with a little fresh meat associated with they for the yabby so you can latch on to, is the antique fishing approach. Yabbies are great for eating (a great amount of kinds are now able to be found towards eatery menus) and are generally made use of as the angling lure. The word yabby was a credit in the Wemba Wemba words of Victoria. The initial proof it times in the 1840s, features made lots of substance words eg yabby farming, yabby internet, and you can yabby pitfall.