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Azusawa Kohane: Fellow class member and you will close friend. It envision one another people, and while An enthusiastic are overprotective on Kohane, she is learning how to believe in her way more equally. An provided Kohane believe to execute.

Not titta pГҐ de hГ¤r killarna surprisingly, A can be demonstrated to enjoys thoughts away from inferiority with the Kohane. Into the Bout to have At the side of You, she gets afraid one Kohane would 1 day hop out her behind after their particular rapid improve throughout Awakening Beat, and you will has also been jealous out of their particular singing expertise. She actually is trying match Kohane. She after confesses these feelings to Kohane, just how she did not require Kohane to depart their unique. Although not, much so you’re able to her treat, Kohane actually improved significantly because of their particular groupmates. Kohane knows A keen are alone instead of their particular and you can chooses to promote their unique the their unique support afterwards.

It’s suggested that the other emails throughout the throw has translated all of them to be more than simply partners, just like the whenever An vaguely tells Akito, Toya, Mizuki, and her father you to she is taking place a date within her Level Adventure! front facts, each of them instantaneously remember that it is which have Kohane without needing a minute to consider it. Whenever An expresses dissatisfaction from the the decreased amaze, Akito bluntly asks their own “Who else will it be?” when you are Mizuki points out you to An covers Kohane a whole lot which they quickly knew. Tsukasa, Rui, and you may Mizuki in addition to interact to make their particular a great Kohane toy to have their particular birthday.

Shinonome Akito: Fellow group affiliate. Given that found in the Vivid Crappy Group equipment tale, A then Akito have identified each other since middle school owed to Akito and work out frequent visits in order to Sunday Driveway after their feel with RAD Week-end. Although not, it’s meant that they just weren’t such as for instance close in those days owed with the quantity of distance and you will animosity they treated both having. Into An’s side, she regarded Akito of the his first identity because of them being in an identical age bracket, however, carry out otherwise relate to your to the impolite brand of “You”, which is “???” during the Japanese, up to they became more friendly.

Shortly after are Stunning Bad Team, a more amicable rivalry versions between the two as well as bicker more various things, far so you can Kohane’s dismay. Its competition pushes these to do the absolute best in the each results and they have higher teamwork for exceeding RAD WEEKEND’s prominence.

Game Relationships

Aoyagi Toya: Other group associate. Obtained understood each other since middle school. not, it’s intended that they weren’t instance intimate up to shortly after Vivids and you will Bad Pet sign-up to each other in order to become Vivid Bad Squad. Toya understands their skill and her imagine surpassing RAD Week-end, proclaiming that she’s “such as Akito” where regard, and you will An appears to mutually respect him.

Kiritani Haruka: Intimate youthfulness family unit members once the primary college. Yet not, the 2 was indeed asuzaka and you will A keen visited Kamiyama Highest. It still spend time to each other beyond school. The 2 enjoys a touch of a competition and you will create participate into the such things as enjoying who you can expect to eat its food faster during the primary college or university. It is also shown within their Faith Rank label “Opponents when you look at the What you but Reading”.

Hinomori Shizuku: Despite conference the very first time throughout the matrimony photoshoot, A currently knew from the Shizuku while the she was once part of one’s idol group Cheerful*Days, if you find yourself Shizuku know regarding the An of Haruka. Shizuku after assisted An’s acting to own a marriage photoshoot. Since then, he has got be good friends.

It actually was intended that A keen try drawn to Shizuku to a few degree, such as Aspiring to the fresh new Blue-sky for your Happiness!, she will get uncharacteristically flustered just after happen to falling and shedding into her palms and later thinking so you can herself one she is actually “thrilled” is so close to Shizuku’s beauty. Kohane including identifies A for getting “cuter” when she’s which have Shizuku, talking about how timid An becomes whenever this woman is “spoiled” from the someone, specifically by the people she takes into account mature and chill. not, An explains during the Chapter 8 of your knowledge tale one to she admires Shizuku.