Their particular earlier experiences has made their unique turn to real and you can probably sexual threats

Swimsuit Caenis (Rider) Phase step 3 in the Destiny/Huge Purchase, illustrated by the Azusa. Bikini Caenis (Rider) Stage cuatro inside Fate/Huge Purchase, represented by Azusa. Instance a great Bird (????????? ? ) into the Future/Huge Purchase, illustrated of the Akasa Ai .


Even if holding adequate outrage to have aptitude while the an enthusiastic Avenger, Caenis might be cheerful, getting into white talks though perhaps not in the a spirits. She comes with an affection for chocolate in fact it is offered to sharing a little more about the topic. Although not, her internal frustration can become unmanageable, leading to high and you will violent choices towards par that have a good Berserker. Their particular conclusion within condition including sets the master on higher threat of getting stuck in her own frenzy.

Wodime’s magnetic temperament, together with want to intensify humankind in order to godhood and you can reshape the age of Gods, resonated that have Caenis, even with their own hatred to have deities, specifically Poseidon, who is the focus of her anger. She greatly served Wodime and you can vowed showing new protections and you can blessings of your own water jesus blessed in her muscles as a Noble Phantasm on the maximum.

Much like Mordred, Caenis screens spontaneous decisions, an initial feeling, and you will a straightforward thinking. She can getting candid from time to time, assuming Musashi must be an adverse person as they are very just like both.

When you find yourself initially looking because a “you will helps make right” contour, Caenis shows the new defects out of ancient greek heroes. She’s got both suffered from and wielded tyranny and you may divine vitality, that could subscribe to her mental and you will high-risk tendencies.

Remarkably, Caenis upholds the rules of Xenia, new Greek concept of hospitality. She in addition to hides a prone and you can invisible frail front side in order to their that is nevertheless within the serious pain off their own previous shock having Poseidon, and you will most likely the closest link to their fresh female reputation.


Kirschtaria Wodime Caenis seemed to deeply respect Kirschtaria due to the fact their particular Learn with his higher sight, and you can is actually somewhat loyal to your. Even after feel summoned of the Ritsuka, this lady has to encourage herself one to Kirishtaria no longer is their unique Grasp. Jason and Medea Lily “Hee~, therefore this is the be all of you produce at that set. Exactly what? Pretendin’ to be a security officer’s since the ol’ days? Haha! Prevent jokin’ Jason. The new me of one’s ol’ months try. Uuuum, such as for example a shock corps commander. Uuum? I understand it is you in just one look. Ah? You are unlike usual? Is that the way it works? Nah, they is not half of crappy. Easily was required to see, I’d say I adore they. Let’s Lituanie femmes si chaudes pick a drink later, for example good ol’ company about Argo?

An excellent kin of your goodness away from war Ares. Heee, therefore that’s the way it are! Whether old otherwise the latest, they never ever do anything pretty good. Hey, Learn, can i butcher ‘em? You give me the fresh new creeps. You. T-R-I-T-O-N-KUN! We in the long run satisfied, we’ve got a great deal to discuss. Hah! Exactly why are you in this setting. Are not ya merely a kid! Dressed such a beneficial girl actually! Hah? Simply a routine consistent, you told you? Watching it girlish is perhaps all myself! Isn’t absolutely no way that’s the circumstances! Definitely, Really don’t thought it’s chill by any means, figure, or setting in the slightest! Hello, it is ok, y’know? You have got the appearance, for many who fool around on brats, Learn would not say something. Noooope? I am not saying mockin’ ya. Is not they okay when the a brat operates as much as and you will performs such as for example this new brat they are?

Mermaids are one thing more like which. Anyhow it’s wrong. Shit. Why is it that when We glance at Gogh, Personally i think disheartened. Would it be, I’m worried to have their unique? Me personally? I am tellin’ ya you bein’ a great mermaid’s totally completely wrong! You do not select beasts of your top despite the latest Greek seas! Just what? We did not worry smaller on what I appear to be. Hee. Do not be playin’ right up until late. Go to bed currently. So? Starred enough? Best. Ah. Yeah, that’s right. Ah? Exhibitionist? Ugh. I am not saying an exhibitionist! I’m immortal therefore i do not have take care of the thing i wear! More importantly, you might be along with a king, commonly your. In that case, become more determined. That’s what I showed up here to share with your. Aaaargh, I have had adequate, let me obtain you to glass of yours!