About us

Berenice Porto Cervo is an interior design laboratory originating in Costa Smeralda and encapsulating the Costa’s dual perspective: tradition and modernity. The tradition of historical villas: wide spaces and small rooms with curved walls encasing natural rocks, precious materials and rustic pieces that blend provencal and traditional sardinian flavours. The modernity of contemporary villas featuring design pieces and linear, but highly expressive combinations borne of years of research. We marry top design brands and high quality fabrics with bespoke pieces made specially by local artisans to create unique ensembles. So in all the houses of the Costa Smeralda, whatever their pedigree, Berenice applies a personalised version of the canons of interior design in order to preserve the magical feeling of holidays, the evolution of taste, innovation and new trends of living in the Costa Smeralda. Berenice is a reliable associate that can take care of your home year-round, keeping alive that feeling of wonder for all who enter.